News 19 Apr, 2021

Qwest Finance

Qwest Finance provides exclusive access for companies in the shipping industry to flexible and competitive receivables financing.  

Many companies have unrealised receivables owed by high quality counterparties with sometimes long invoice payment terms.

Qwest Finance aids liquidity by allowing these receivables to be realised more readily, through financing arrangements covering some or all of a company’s receivables. 

Key features

Qwest Finance can arrange simple, easy access to maritime receivables financing. Arrangements are put in place to cover on-going receivables invoiced by the client to their customers on a regular basis, rather than one-off transactions.

Freight, demurrage, offshore hire, ship management fees, agency disbursements, bunker invoices, etc can all be financed at competitive fees, adding liquidity and improving working capital ratios.

The client remains responsible for handling their receivables collection and maintains the relationship with their customers - financing arrangements remain entirely confidential. 

After financing is remitted to the client, they continue to invoice their customers, receiving payment into their usual accounts, uninterrupted. Only after receipt of funds from their customers to clients is reimbursement made to the funder. 

Who is it for?

Vessel operators, commodity traders, ship managers, port agents, bunker suppliers and others the shipping industry can all benefit from receivables financing. 


Receivables are financed at close to 100% of invoice value, less fees and for whatever duration the client needs.

Finance is provided as an additional source of off-balance sheet liquidity at rates competitive with corporate borrowing rates.

Receivables are transacted on a non-recourse ‘true-sale’ basis, not debt. Even freight and demurrage can be financed without affecting existing ship finance facilities, for example.

Financing arrangements remain entirely confidential.