Qwest Demurrage

Qwest Demurrage can relieve the post-fixture burden on shipowners and operators by providing a comprehensive demurrage handling and recovery service. 

Demurrage is an important revenue stream but calculations can be a headache, with different charterparties having complex clauses and the impacts of weather, strikes, machinery breakdown and congestion all potentially needing to be considered, often within tight time constraints.

Our industry experts work alongside your post-fixture and operations teams to provide an efficient and time-sensitive demurrage recovery service. 


Key features

  • Cost effective advice from experienced ship operations and demurrage professionals.

  • Services can include:

  • preparation of laytime statements

  • calculation of demurrage

  • presentation of the claim to the charterers

  • handling of any disputes

  • pursuing any items unpaid

  • Value for money with annual arrangements, fixed fees, hourly rates, no cure no pay or any combination of these to fit your requirements and all agreed in advance

  • Ability to provide access to the financing of demurrage owed under charterparties or commodity sales contracts (subject to qualifying criteria). 

  • Demurrage claims can be “sold” individually or bundled and submitted on a regular basis - e.g. every 14 days - subject to a minimum aggregate value


The Benefits

  • Offers a full spectrum service for everything related to demurrage - calculation, recovery and financing - in a fully flexible package tailored to the client’s needs.

  • Safeguards a vital source of income for shipowners and operators

  • Provides the ability to outsource the entire demurrage function

  • Finance is provided by a recognised leading non-bank provider of working capital finance, at attractive borrowing rates.

  • Monetises balance sheet assets to improve liquidity and cash flow

  • Can be done anonymously so that the counterparty does not need to know that the receivables are being financed  

Product Guide

Who is it for?

  • Shipowners and operators

  • Charterers acting as disponent owners

  • Traders

FAQ - Qwest Demurrage

No. The product is completely flexible, and you can buy whichever part of the service you need. A meaningful discussion of those needs is the first step.

Yes they do and failure to meet them can result in the claim being time barred. The dedicated team at Qwest understand these and can act rapidly to ensure deadlines are met.

This is best suited to a ship operator who has a regular series of demurrage claims and therefore a large amount of money outstanding at any one time, so benefiting from the cash flow advantages the finance option can provide.

It depends upon your needs, but this can include preparation of laytime statements, demurrage calculation and presentation as well as pursuit of payment.

A dedicated team of laytime, demurrage and despatch experts.