Qwest Shipmanagers

Qwest Shipmanagers supports third party shipmanagers with legal advice services where a manager does not have the benefit of an owner’s defence cover, or where they are in dispute with the shipowner themselves. 

Qwest Shipmanagers can take care of all arbitration and litigation needs by offering a legal fee protection scheme with flexible levels of protection, all tailored to the individual client’s needs and competitively priced.


Key features

  • High quality advice from experienced maritime lawyers who understand your problem

  • Available around the clock from our global network

  • Service provided on a permanent basis or as and when needed

  • Value for money with flexible arrangements to fit your requirements and all agreed in advance 

  • Legal fee support scheme available up to US$1m for English Law disputes (other jurisdictions can be agreed) backed by Lloyd’s security.

What does it cover?

Unlimited advice in relation to any maritime or trade enquiry at any time up to the commencement of legal proceedings with no deductible and no limit on the times you use the service.

  • Add legal fee protection - usually $500,000 per case (a higher limit can be agreed if needed) with a 25% deductible.

Why do I need it?

  • The dispute may not involve an allegation of negligence, so would not necessarily fall under a shipmanager’s Professional Indemnity insurance

  • The dispute may be between the shipowner and the shipmanager, meaning that disputes between joint assureds under the Defence entry are not covered

  • The shipmanager may be in dispute with a third-party provider and there is no Defence entry for the vessel or the manager is not a joint assured on the Defence entry

  • The issue affecting the shipmanager does not flow from the vessel and is more of a commercial dispute with another party