Qwest Forensics

Qwest Forensics offers an effective intelligence service to safeguard your business in the compliance-led and increasingly digitalised commercial world. 

Not all commercial transactions go according to plan and can result in financial and reputational loss if the counterparty fails to meet their obligations or fraud or other criminal activity is involved.

Qwest Forensics offers services ranging from investigation of a counterparty’s standing prior to fixing to asset tracing, debt recovery and cyber and IT forensics where loss has been incurred. 


Key features

  • High quality advice from former law enforcement officers experienced in undercover operations, marine professionals and trained financial and cyber experts who understand your problem 

  • Available around the clock from our global network

  • Service provided on a permanent basis or as and when needed

  • Value for money with annual arrangements, fixed fees, hourly rates, no cure no pay or any combination of these to fit your requirements and all agreed in advance

  • Our approach is to turn information into intelligence and then, if needed, evidence.

Who is it for?

  • Shipowners and operators

  • Time and voyage charterers

  • Traders

  • Shipmanagers

  • Freight forwarders

  • Insurers – Liability, Hull, Energy, P+I

  • Brokers

  • Banks

  • Salvors

  • Governments and local authorities

Product Guide

What kind of problem?

  • Investigation and advice

  • Counterparty risk assessment and “Know your client”
  • Asset tracing and enforcement
  • Cyber and IT forensics
  • Fraud
  • Litigation support and E Discovery
  • Enhanced ship tracking service
  • Drug smuggling prevention, investigation & mitigation
  • Loss prevention advice 
  • Debt recovery
  • Sanctions - ship tracing and investigating cargo origin

FAQ - Qwest Forensics

Yes, through their global network, Qwest Forensics’ experienced team can obtain information about a company and advise on its reputation and ability to pay. We can also trace assets belonging to a counterparty if debts are unpaid.

All types or fraud and issues such as smuggling which involve a ship operator in loss or issues with government authorities. Qwest Forensics can investigate an incident, provide forensic analysis, make recommendations to ensure future protection and help prepare for court or other legal proceedings.

With backgrounds in law enforcement including service on a number of serious crime and other task forces, the Qwest Forensic staff have over 30 years’ experience in carrying out sensitive and discrete global investigations.